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If your crash was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, our Tennessee car accident lawyers can fight to hold them accountable and recover compensation for the bills you have piling up. At The Terry Law Firm, we have recovered significant settlements and won large verdicts for clients throughout Tennessee. With a vast wealth of experience and resources, our dedicated attorneys will help you through every step of the injury claims process.


Car Accidents Attorneys in Tennessee: We Stand Up for Justice, Integrity & Accountability


Managing Communication with the Insurance Company after a Car Accident in Tennessee

No matter the type or extent of the injury that you have suffered, you deserve to be compensated if your accident was due to someone else’s negligence from drunk driving, distracted driving, texting while driving, car defects, motorcycle riders, truck drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists.. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will actively work to deny or reduce valid claims for compensation. Insurance adjusters may try to get you to make statements that could ultimately hurt your case, or they may try to pressure you into accepting a lowball settlement offer. Our attorneys will not allow an insurance company to take advantage of you during this stressful time.

Dealing with Hospital Liens & Medical Bills After a Tennessee Car Accident

In Tennessee, hospitals can file liens to try to recover bills you have incurred. Our law firm has found that hospitals often file liens in an amount that is higher than they are entitled to recover. The knowledgeable auto accident attorneys at The Terry Law Firm will protect you from these unfair over-billing tactics.

Contact the Tennessee Car Accident Lawyers to Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries After a Car Accident

Our personal injury legal team in Tennessee will thoroughly document all the losses you have suffered as a result of your crash, and we will work with experts to determine how you will be affected in the future. We handle car accidents that were caused by pedestrians, bicycles, trucks, motorcycles, and much more. Our attorneys can help you seek compensation for past and future medical bills, lost income and capacity, property damages, loss of pension, wrongful death, loss of household services, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium (damage to family relationships resulting from the accident). Our goal is to recover maximum compensation for you. We offer additional legal services for premises liability, product liability, social security, and much more.