A number of our injury cases at The Terry Law Firm are referrals from other attorneys.  There are a variety of reasons in which we work with other attorneys on cases.  Sometimes it makes sense for other attorneys to refer cases to The Terry Law Firm because of our geographic location in East Tennessee.  Other times, we are asked to become involved with cases to lend our experience, to assist with experts, provide financial assistance, provide assistance with experts, and provide medical experience.  A number of firms simply ask us to handle their cases from start to finish on a referral arrangement.

At The Terry Law Firm our general practice is to work with referring attorneys in a variety of fee splitting arrangements.  Generally we agree to advance all of the expenses in a case and take on the financial risk associated with difficult cases.

Oftentimes attorneys contact us simply for the purpose of discussing their case and determine whether or not this is an appropriate case to associate The Terry Law Firm.  Some of the expertise we bring to the table when handling a case from start to finish include:

  • Provide experts for the case.
  • Fund the litigation.
  • Supply skills and resources for complex cases.
  • Provide a litigation plan to bring all aspects of the case together.
  • Manage subrogation, Medicare and hospital liens.
  • Provide client deposition and trial preparation.
  • Provide and fund legal and trial exhibits.


While we have handled cases from Florida to West Texas and we routinely handle cases in the southeastern United States.We also practice locally in East Tennessee including: Knoxville, Morristown, Greeneville, Rogersville, Jefferson City, Johnson City, Kingsport, Newport, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Gatlinburg.  We also have a number of cases in the southeast region into North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.


We have utilized a variety of referral arrangements.  Most of the time, The Terry Law Firm agrees to pay the expenses in the cases and assume all of the risk.  Some attorneys that work with The Terry Law Firm prefer simply to meet the client, recognize that they have a car wreck, truck wreck or other personal injury case and refer to The Terry Law Firm.  Certainly, by simply referring the case to our Firm after having met with the client, under the ethics rules, is enough to earn a referral fee.

Some attorneys prefer to remain involved in the car wreck, truck wreck or premises liability case that they refer to The Terry Law Firm.  This can occur in a variety of different ways.  For instance, the referring attorney may wish to be heavily involved in the case or the referring attorney may wish to have some minor role in the case.  Either way, The Terry Law Firm always works with the referring attorney to make sure the referral fee is fair and agreeable to all sides.


Products Liability

One of the cases we are most often referred are cases involving products liability.  Over the years, we have worked on a number of cases involving propane, gas and explosions.  Propane and gas explosions are highly technical; however, over the years we have gained much knowledge and insight in handling a number of these cases.

Oftentimes we are associated in crash worthiness and other product liability cases involving automobiles or car crashes and cases involving defective products in the work place setting that cause injury employees or workers.

Trucks and Commercial Vehicle Cases

Referring attorneys will also refer truck wreck or commercial vehicle wrecks.  The Terry Law Firm is a member of APITLA, ATAA, and AAJ Trucking Litigation Group.

Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg and Amusement Cases

Being close to Gatlinburg, Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, we are also regularly associated in cases involving tourist injuries in the Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge area.  Many times vacationers and other people are injured while at amusement parks or on amusement rides.  Other times, vacationers are injured in rental cabins with pools or drownings and near drownings. We are regularly associated in premises liability cases in the Gatlinburg – Pigeon Forge area as well as automobile and truck wrecks in the crowded Pigeon Forge – Sevierville area.

Dram Shop Cases

The Terry Law Firm handles dram shop and other drunk driving cases for referring attorneys.

Dram shop liability can be imposed against a bar or tavern, but may also be extended to any other establishment that serves alcohol.

Civil damages may be pursued, where the establishment is held liable, if it served alcohol to a patron who later harmed someone else.

An often overlooked case is the car wreck case where the driver has been over served.  These cases often involve serious injuries and are also fairly difficult.

Multi-Plaintiff Cases

The Terry Law Firm has handled a number of cases involving a number of different plaintiffs.  The Terry Law Firm handled cases that were not provided with hearing protection for both The Berkline Corporation and Shelby Williams Corporation.  In those cases, The Terry Law Firm represented over 5,000 plaintiffs and recovered over $30,000,000 for those plaintiffs.  The Terry Law Firm has handled a number of other multi plaintiff cases involving toxic substances and fraud.


The Terry Law Firm has been assisting injured people since 1960.  As a result, our firm has accumulated a great deal of experience in the personal injury field.  We routinely attend national seminars to stay up to date on the latest trends, experts and insights that maximize the value for cases.

Some of the things we are able to assist with are as follows:

  • Video settlement brochures

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to employ and produce a number of video settlement brochures with contacts in the Southeast and all the way to California.  Oftentimes, these video settlement brochures are game changers when it comes to the value of the case.  Unfortunately, due to privacy issues involved, we do not have permission to place these video settlement brochures on our website; however, we would be happy to show you a video settlement brochure that we have done in a private setting.  We have found that while video settlement brochures are very expensive, they oftentimes have the ability to completely change the value of a case.

  • Illustrations, exhibits and animations

Oftentimes cases call for illustrations, exhibits or animations that fully convey to the jury or insurance carrier the nature and extent of the someone’s injury or to help simplify complex issues related to liability.

  • Experience and information

Being involved in a number of litigation groups and national organizations, we have access to a number of different organizations which will assist us with information and material related to specific liability or damage topics.  For example, in a recent tractor-trailer case because of our involvement with a number of organizations, we were able to access the policies and procedures of a number of different trucking companies that have no ‘U-turn” policies.

  • Experts

Experts and especially quality experts are hard to come by.  We have made it a point to seek out, employ and develop relationships with the best possible experts in the country.  The experts we use are persons who are truly experts in their field and have excellent credibility and qualifications.

  • Medicare, subrogation and lien resolution

We have a well-trained staff dedicated to the resolution of Medicare liens, hospital liens and other subrogation issues.  Over the years, we have put systems in place that help us to both effectively and quickly deal with subrogation and Medicare issues.

We have found that with some dedication to these issues we are often able to make financial results much better for our client.