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If you’re heading to court in Hawkins County, you should know that Tennessee’s legal system includes four trial courts, including two of which you may go to for your personal injury case. The Circuit Courts, as courts of general jurisdiction handle civil and criminal matters and hear appeals from the courts with limited jurisdiction. The Chancery Courts exclusively hear civil cases and generally handle cases that fall outside the traditional common-law actions

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An Overview of Hawkins County

Hawkins County, Tennessee, still a mostly rural region, nestles its proud past and impressive heritage in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Founded in 1787, it had a reported a population of around 57,000 in 2007. Hawkins County is part of the prosperous Kingsport – Bristol Metro Area, which extends into Virginia. Hawkins County consists of six towns and two unincorporated areas, and covers more than 500 square miles. Church Hill is the largest town, with a population just over 6,000, and the fastest-growing community in Hawkins County. Church Hill was the shooting location for the film The River, starring Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek.

Hawkins County holds numerous events through the year, attracting a fair share of tourists, who delight in the restaurants and accommodations found here. Farming is a strong part of the economy, especially in raising beef cattle and burley tobacco. Hawkins is the second largest producer of tobacco in Tennessee. Over 12,000 industrial jobs are available in Hawkins County, with major employers such as AFG Industries and TRW Industries

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