Explosions Causing Serious Injuries in East Tennessee

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When someone is in an accident that results in serious harm, dealing with the injury is one of many things the victim needs to accomplish. At The Terry Law Firm, our team of Morristown personal injury attorneys will stand up and advocate for your interests, no matter how complicated your situation may seem. We know that catastrophic incidents such as explosions causing serious injuries are both traumatic and physically painful.

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Challenges Resulting from Explosion-Related Injuries

Burns are particularly painful injuries that can result in disfigurement of the face and skin. If you have been in an accident such as an explosion, you need expert medical help. We recognize that physical scarring can leave the victim to deal with both physical and emotional challenges. While we cannot take away the pain you have already suffered, we can help make the process of recovery a bit easier.

We work with a broad range of medical experts who specialize in treating patients suffering serious injuries resulting from explosions in:

  • Car accidents
  • Propane accidents
  • Natural gas accidents

Fighting for the Full & Fair Compensation You Deserve

If your injuries are serious and prevent you from visiting our office, we are happy to schedule consultations at a place that is convenient for you. In addition to this, evening and weekend appointments are available by request. Our priority is you, the client, and we are determined to get the full and fair compensation you need for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages and more.

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What is the Statute of Limitations in Tennessee for Personal Injury Claims?

Tennessee is very unique in that the statute of limitations in Tennessee is much shorter than in other states. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Tennessee is generally one (1) year. There are exceptions to the one (1) year statute of limitations. 

In Tennessee, one exception to the statute of limitations is the discovery rule. The statute of limitations in Tennessee does not start to run until a person knows or should have known about an injury. 

There is currently a provision in the Tennessee Code regarding extending the statute of limitations where persons have criminal charges brought against them and they caused or contributed to an injury. In these cases, it is possible that the statute of limitations may be extended to two (2) years. At this stage, there has been no ruling from the Tennessee Supreme Court on exactly how this statute should be interpreted; therefore, we recommend filing cases within one (1) year.

The statute of limitations in property damage cases in Tennessee is three (3) years and the statute of limitations for a breach of contract in Tennessee is six (6) years. It is important to note that breach of implied warranty of merchantability, which are theories that are often used in product liability cases, carries a six (6) statute of limitations.

What is a Contingency Fee?

At The Terry Law Firm, clients are welcome to come to our Morristown office, our Sevierville office, or our Greeneville office for a free consultation. This is true for virtually any type of case. 

In personal injury cases, in particular, The Terry Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis which means that The Terry Law Firm does not receive any compensation, nor are you required to pay anything, unless we are successful on your behalf. 

Our general fee in personal injury cases (like most firms) is one-third (1/3). The Terry Law Firm advances all costs and expenses in the case until the matter is resolved. If we are not successful for a client in a personal injury case, then they are not required to pay anything. 

Can The Terry Law Firm Help If I Was in an Accident in Another State?

The Terry Law Firm regularly handles cases for clients who have been involved in out-of-state accidents. We have handled cases as far west as West Texas and South Dakota. We have had cases in eastern North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. It is a regular part of The Terry Law Firm’s business to handle cases outside of Tennessee.

Handling a case outside of Tennessee does not cost the client any more than it would if we were handling a case in Tennessee. In fact, the client will likely notice very little difference in a case handled outside of the state versus one handled in the State of Tennessee.