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Most Dangerous Intersections in Morristown, TN

With Morristown’s increasing population – which is nearing 30,000 according to Census Bureau – traffic in the city increases as well. As the county seat of Hamblen County, Morristown hosts visitors from all over Eastern Tennessee. 

The growth means that many of the high-traffic areas can become some of the most common locations for crashes. People need to be aware of the most dangerous intersections so they can exercise additional caution to avoid being involved in a crash.

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Dangerous Intersections in Morristown, TN

WBIR-TV reported that the City of Morristown commissioned a traffic study of the intersection of Jaybird Road and East Morris Boulevard after a serious accident. Assistant City Administrator Larry Clark told WBIR that the $40,000 traffic study indicated the intersection could use a red light, but he cautioned that the measure could be delayed because of the Highway 11E widening project.

The website Bad Intersections lists East Andrew Johnson Highway and North Haun Drive as an intersection in Morristown that was the site of a fatal accident in 2010. The website also lists Tennessee State Route 160 and the Tennessee State Route 32 ramp as an intersection that was the site of a fatal accident in 2011. Jaybird Road and East Morris Boulevard is also listed as a dangerous intersection.

In July 2019, the Citizen Tribune reported that Morristown City Council agreed to modify a contract with Redflex Holdings to eliminate camera-related speeding citations at the intersections of West Andrew Johnson Highway and Morris Boulevard, West Andrew Johnson Highway and Air Park Boulevard, and East Andrew Johnson Highway and Haun Drive. The cameras will be removed from service on August 4.

What to Do After a Morristown Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Morristown, your first step must always be to get medical attention. Even if your injuries at first seem minor, you should still go to a hospital as a precaution.

Remember that the symptoms of some severe injuries could be delayed. You could later discover that you were more hurt than you initially thought and might need medical care. 

Another important thing for you to do is to take as many pictures or video of the scene as you can. This should include images of the vehicles and people involved and all other notable factors like skid marks and signs. When you can’t do this yourself, ask someone you know to do this for you before evidence is cleaned up, washed away, or disappears. 

Always call law enforcement to the scene of the crash, especially when there are injuries. The responding officers will help secure the scene, assist EMS, conduct an initial investigation, and generate an accident report. 

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