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Look Out for Distracted Drivers Playing Pokemon Go!

Odds are by now you have heard of Pokémon Go, the new mobile game sensation that has swept across the United States. While the game has had a tremendous social impact on the millions of people who play, the game has also created a few alarming trends that have not been helpful. One of these trends has been demonstrated by several drivers who have been involved in accidents by playing the game while driving.

Pokémon Go works by using your phone’s GPS to make the monsters from the popular video game series appear in real-world locations, allowing players to then “catch” and add them to their collection. This encourages players to get out of the house and explore their surroundings in order to expand and improve their roster. While the game’s developer encourages players to play while they are riding in a car, drivers across the country have also been playing the game while operating their vehicles. This has caused the number of car accidents caused by distracted drivers to increase almost daily.

Tennessee’s Cell Phone Laws for Drivers

The laws regarding cell phone use by drivers in Tennessee do not prohibit you from talking on your cell phone while driving. However, they do ban you from reading, composing, or sending text messages while behind the wheel. The National Safety Council estimates that texting while driving causes an estimated 1.6 million accidents per year. And the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study estimates that 330,000 injuries are caused annually by texting and driving.

Playing Pokémon Go while driving can actually cause drivers to take their eyes off the road more frequently and for longer periods of time than sending or reading a text message, meaning drivers are even more distracted by the game than by text messaging.

Drivers should always use common sense and courtesy to look out for the safety of those around them: don’t play Pokémon Go and drive.

What to Do if You are Injured by a Distracted Driver

As stated previously, the Harvard Center of Risk Analysis Study estimates that over 900 auto accident injuries occur all across the nation as a result of drivers distracted by text messaging every single day. If the day comes where you happen to be one of them, or you are injured by a driver distracted by another source, such as playing Pokémon Go, it is important to make sure your injuries are properly paid for so you receive the care you need in order to make the best recovery possible.

When you are hurt, be sure to immediately seek medical attention to obtain any important treatment you may need and reduce the possibility that some of your injuries may become permanent conditions. Once you have done so, retain the services of a skilled Morristown car accident lawyer who can assist you with filing the appropriate claims and provide you with representation both in and out of the courtroom to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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