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Concussions and Options for Tennessee Car Accident Victims

When a car accident results in a concussion, it can leave a victim with symptoms and side effects that last for weeks or months. It can be hard to overcome this seemingly minor type of injury, and many Tennessee car accident victims fail to realize that they do not have to suffer the aftermath alone. Concussions, though often dismissed as a relatively minor injury, can have a serious and long-reaching impact on a person’s life.

Concussion victims frequently manifest different symptoms; each case is unique. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness and memory loss. For other people, symptoms may include constant ringing in the ears, difficulty conversing, chronic fatigue and difficulty completing simple daily tasks. Those with severe concussions may have a lengthy, painful recovery, often unable to drive themselves or go to work.

The potential financial impact of this type of injury should not be overlooked. Emergency room visits, neurological care, time off work and even emotional duress can have an impact that follows a Tennessee victim for months or years. Because this is a rather common type of injury, it is common to assume that it is not severe enough to be considered grounds for financial compensation.

After a car accident, it is wise to seek a legal opinion regarding the possibility of seeking financial compensation. No injury should be overlooked, but rather victims should seek a full and fair recovery for themselves. Even minor injuries can be serious, and a lawyer can determine what options are available to the victim of a severe concussion.

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