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Workers’ compensation is designed to provide assistance and compensation for workers who are injured on the job while also protecting employers from potential lawsuits. In exchange for receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you waive the right to sue your employer for a work-related injury. However, even if you cannot sue your employer for injuries you sustained at work, you may still need an attorney.

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As an injured worker, you have rights and legal options!

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Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Tennessee workers’ compensation laws are complex, including several provisions applicable to specific types of injuries. Navigating the system while trying to recover from serious injuries can be overwhelming and lawsuits may still be an option in cases where a third party (such as an equipment manufacturer) shares in the blame. Our Morristown workers’ compensation lawyers at The Terry Law Firm have helped injured workers and families across East Tennessee deal with job-related accidents and occupational diseases, and fight for the full compensation they are entitled to.

Have you suffered one of the following injuries or illnesses at work?

  • Asthma and other pulmonary conditions
  • Back injuries, head injuries, knee injuries, neck injuries, shoulder injuries
  • Burns
  • Construction site accidents
  • Disfigurement and amputations
  • Electrocution
  • Eye injuries and hearing problems
  • Heart attacks, hypertension, or work-induced strokes
  • Trucking and railroad accidents
  • Toxic chemical exposure

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Most employers in Tennessee subscribe to the workers’ compensation system ad only companies with less than five employees are exempt, and there are exceptions for the coal mining and construction industries. Workers’ compensation benefits for eligible employees may cover medical benefits, temporary, or permanent total disability benefits, or death benefits payable to a spouse or next-of-kin.

An Experienced Legal Team Fighting for the Benefits You Need

Because the benefits can be substantial, employers and their insurance carriers carefully scrutinize any potential workers’ compensation claim and they often try to deny legitimate claims in the hopes of saving money. Employers have lawyers, insurance companies, and other experts on their side, you deserve an experienced legal team working on yours.

Our Morristown workers’ compensation lawyers know how to properly file claims and fight for the benefits you need. Learn more by calling us at (423) 586-5800 and scheduling a free consultation.