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Representing East Tennessee Burn Survivors & Their Families

Although many gas and chemical explosions happen in the workplace, they can occur in any setting. A single spark or electrical short in the presence of gas can cause a devastating explosion.

At The Terry Law Firm, we understand the legal and financial needs of burn survivors and their families. These needs include paying medical bills, finding appropriate specialists to deal with the physical and emotional consequences of burn injuries, receiving compensation for lost wages as well as payment for pain, suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement. Our skilled Morristown personal injury attorneys have secured significant financial compensation for victims of various explosion incidents, as well as their families.

Have you been injured due to one of the following products malfunctioning?

  • Water heaters
  • Water boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Space heaters
  • Outdoor grills
  • Ranges
  • Ovens
  • Dryers
  • Pool heaters
  • Gas generators

The Complications Resulting From Severe Burns

Severe burns are the most common type of explosion injury. These injuries can require long recovery times and costly treatment. People usually face lengthy periods of unemployment after being in an explosion. They may be permanently disabled or have mental health issues.

The victim of an explosion may need many types of treatment and rehabilitative services, making it crucial that they contact a knowledgeable Morristown personal injury attorney who can help them recover the compensation they deserve to regain their health.

Holding Manufacturers Liable for Defective Products

By filing a product liability lawsuit, the parties along the chain of manufacture of a defective product may be held liable for damage caused by that product. This includes the manufacturer, the distributor, and the seller. Our Morristown personal injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of any explosion and pursue a claim against all responsible parties. We help our clients obtain the full and just compensation that they deserve.

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