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Have You Been Hurt at an East Tennessee Amusement Park?

Amusement park injuries should never happen – but when a high speed roller coaster or a gravity-defying ride suddenly malfunctions, the results can be severe physical harm and even death. What makes these injuries particularly disturbing is the popularity of amusement parks with children and adolescents. Amusement park accidents place our most vulnerable citizens at risk, and thousands are injured across the country because of them each year.

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If you or a loved one suffered injury while visiting a Tennessee amusement park, including Dollywood and Ober Gatlinburg, our Morristown personal injury attorneys at The Terry Law Firm are ready to help you seek the compensation you need to recover and move forward with life. We have recovered some of the largest settlements and courtroom verdicts in East Tennessee, and are ready to aggressively represent you.

Factors Involved in & Frequency of Accidents

Amusement park injuries are difficult to categorize. Despite the potential for serious harm from amusement park rides, there is no U.S. agency responsible for regulating or mandating ride operators. Tennessee’s laws do not cover carnival and amusement rides with the exception of aerial rides and tramways. There isn’t even an official database tracking amusement park injuries, so while the general belief is that these rarely happen, the truth is that amusement park accidents occur more frequently than we realize.

Some of the factors involved in amusement park ride accidents include:

  • Mechanical breakdowns from structural failures, broken or missing safety pins, cracked welds and other structurally weakened parts, including sheared wires, broken and malfunctioning lap bars and seat belt restraints
  • Negligent operation including abrupt stops due to slamming brakes
  • Poor maintenance, repair or assembly
  • Faulty designs leading to falls or other injuries
  • Careless supervision by park workers

Holding Negligent Parks & Manufacturers Responsible

Regardless of the cause, amusement park injuries are simply unacceptable and negligent parks or manufacturers must be held accountable. There are time limitations for filing suit, however, so prompt action is important.

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