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Workplace accidents result in at least an injury every 7 seconds in the U.S. and cause the loss of over 1 million production days annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. In addition to lost productivity, workplace injuries cost U.S. employers at least $60 billion in direct costs each year. 

In many cases, it is difficult or impossible for workers to return to the same job or a comparable position after a workplace accident. Without income from these jobs, it’s often impossible for employees to cover even their most basic costs like rent and groceries. 

These frightening statistics demonstrate how important it is for workers to be able to access workers’ compensation benefits. However, despite a worker’s rightful claim to these no-fault benefits, they often have to fight to get the compensation they’ve earned for critical expenses like medical treatment. That’s why The Terry Law Firm is here to help.

The respected workers’ comp attorneys at The Terry Law Firm have been fighting for the rights of injured workers in Greeneville and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years. We are dedicated to protecting workers across East Tennessee and helping them get the benefits they’re owed for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. Our dedicated workplace injury lawyers have what it takes to advocate for workers and pursue results. 

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What to Know About Your Workers’ Compensation Claim in Greeneville

Under Tennessee’s statute of limitations, you have only one year from the date of the accident to file a petition for benefit determination (PBD) form with the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Additionally, you have only 15 days from the date of your injuries (or the date that you became or reasonably should have become aware your injury might be work-related) to report a workplace incident to your supervisor. 

Once you report your injury to your supervisor, you will have to get treatment from the physician you choose from an employer-provided list. The physician will advise whether you are able to return to work and fully perform the duties of your former position, or they might recommend that you return to work part-time or move into a different type of work. 

If you don’t see a medical professional from the employer’s list or if you don’t return to work despite a doctor’s recommendation, it might delay your workers’ compensation benefits or altogether prevent you from being able to receive these benefits.

Types of Workplace Accidents in Greeneville

Workplace accidents cause a wide range of injuries – from broken bones to nerve damage to traumatic brain injuries – and can even lead to death. Some of the most common causes of work-related accidents include:

  • Repetitive motion 
  • Overexertion from lowering or lifting
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Motorized vehicle wrecks on roadways or on job sites, such as farms
  • Strains or sprains
  • Falling from heights, such as from a ladder or platform
  • Being struck, crushed, or compressed by equipment or objects
  • Explosions, fires, or electrocution
  • Workplace violence
  • Exposure to harmful substances, chemicals, or fumes

Any of these types of accidents and many others can lead to serious injuries and devastating results for workers in Greeneville.

Greeneville Industries Most at Risk for Work Injuries

No matter whether you work in a job where you routinely risk exposure to hazards or a position that’s typically considered safe, such as an office or retail role, accidents can occur in any workplace. 

Some of the industries that are most at risk for work-related injuries include:

  • Construction
  • Warehousing, transportation, and shipping
  • Agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing
  • Maintenance, repair, and installation
  • Production and manufacturing
  • Service work, such as firefighting and police work
  • Health care and social work

It’s important to stress, though, that an accident – whether it’s a strain, a slip-and-fall accident, or a repetitive stress injury – can occur in any field.

Greeneville Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under Tennessee law, employees who suffer work-related injuries are entitled to no-cost medical treatment provided by their employer’s insurance company, in addition to reimbursement for travel over 15 miles to medical appointments. 

If the insurance company denies coverage for a treatment recommended by an employer-provided physician, then the employee has a right to appeal through the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s Utilization Review program.

Workers are usually also entitled to temporary disability benefits to replace a portion of their wages if they are unable to resume their regular job duties for a short period of time. An employee who suffers a permanent disability because of a workplace incident might also be eligible for long-term wage replacement and medical benefits. 

Additionally, if a worker dies because of a workplace accident, then their surviving dependents might be entitled to death benefits. These benefits help cover things like funeral expenses and a portion of their loved one’s average weekly wage.

Does My Employer Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Under Tennessee’s laws on labor and workforce development, most employers must carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This includes all employers in construction or construction service providers, employers in coal mining with at least one employee, and employers in all other industries with five or more employees. 

Any part-time employees, corporate officers, or family members who meet the definition of “employee” should be included in determining how many employees a company has. Additionally, it’s illegal for a company to require employees to pay any part of the employer’s workers’ comp premiums. 

Employees are defined as workers whose means and manner of work are controlled by an employer. In addition, they often work for just one employer, who provides any equipment the worker needs to do their job and who sets the employee’s work hours and wages. 

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