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Are you in need of experienced and personalized legal services for your personal injury claim? If so, look to our team of Greene County personal injury attorneys at The Terry Law Firm. Since 1960, we have handled thousands of cases and developed a track record of success in both negotiations and in the courtroom. Our priority is our clients, and we will work diligently to investigate every aspect of the accident that caused your injuries, inform you of your best legal options, and put together a strong case on your behalf.

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An Overview of Greene County

Greene County, Tennessee, named for Major Nathaniel Greene of Revolutionary War fame, is a quaint, rural area found in the northeast portion of the state. Boasting a rich, historical past and present-day small town serenity, Greene County’s natural beauty, as well as its wealth of historic sites and family-friendly attractions brings in a strong tourist trade. Greene County covers 622 square miles, some of which is the breathtaking Cherokee National Forest. The 2000 Census recorded the population as 62,909. The county seat is Greeneville, population 15,198.

Greene County consists of three towns, one city and several unincorporated communities. Tusculum, with a population of almost 2,100, is home to Tusculum College, the oldest college in Tennessee. Baileyton, population 505, and Mosheim, population 1,830, along with Greeneville, complete the towns. Mosheim originated as Blue Springs and is the site of the major Civil War battle, the nine-hour Battle of Blue Springs. Modern-day re-enactors flock here each October, and the hillsides come alive with the roar of antique guns and their billowing clouds of smoke.

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