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Woman Recovering From Brain Injury After Tennessee Hit-and-Run

A 25-year old woman was critically injured in a hit-and-run accident that occurred in Tennessee. The injured woman suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of the accident. Though she was taken to a facility that apparently specializes in the treatment of brain injuries of this kind, the girl’s parent understand that any recovery is likely to be extremely slow.

A 23-year old driver has been arrested and charged with felony vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and a failure to render aid. Even if this individual does have a substantial amount of financial resources and adequate insurance – which is always doubtful in hit-and-run type cases, it’s highly unlikely that there will still be enough money to adequately compensate the young woman regarding what has taken place.

Those that have received brain injuries due to the acts of others may wish to speak to an attorney about what has occurred. Since brain injuries affect everyone close to the person injured, it often takes a professional to communicate the types of damages suffered due to these injuries.

At one point, the consequences of brain injuries were often understated. However, there has been increasing publicity concerning the consequences of brain injuries lately as relates to sports.

The brain is the most important organ that we have, and injuries to the brain are often traumatic and long-term, and such injuries result in a large number of unpredictable consequences. No brain injury can be treated in the same manner, often requires the treatment of specialists, and may lead to lengthy rehabilitative therapy.

Source: My Fox Atlanta, “Decatur woman suffers brain injury in hit-and-run,” by Paul Yates, May 22, 2013

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