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Why the Fall Can Be a Dangerous Driving Season

As hard as it may be to accept, summer is now officially behind us as yesterday marked the official start of the fall season. As such, it’s important to take a moment to examine a few of the driving dangers typically associated with this otherwise idyllic time of the year.


The weather during autumn can perhaps best be described as mercurial in that it can be very cold and overcast one day, and very warm and sunny the following day. While this can wreck havoc on a person’s wardrobe choices, it can also wreck havoc on the roads.

For instance, rainfall can accumulate in larger puddles on the roadways during the fall as the dust, oil and other road contaminants haven’t yet been cleared, making conditions slippery.

Another form of precipitation that can cause problems is fog, which is known to accumulate in low-lying areas during the fall, catching unsuspecting motorists off guard and making it difficult to see the road ahead.

Rain and fog aren’t the only problems, however, as drivers must also contend with the sometimes intense glare from a sun that rises and sets during peak commuting hours, and the occasional appearance of early-morning frost, which can make bridges, overpasses and shaded road areas especially treacherous.


While the changing colors and falling leaves can make any roadway picturesque, they can also make them difficult to navigate. That’s because when leaves start to accumulate on the pavement, it can become slippery. In fact, the leaves can also obscure both road markings and road hazards making things doubly dangerous.


As we’ve discussed on our blog before, the fall season brings an increase in deer-related activity such that they are more likely to be out on the roads and highways, especially at dusk, creating the risk of a very serious car crash.

Are there other autumn driving dangers you’ve encountered here in Tennessee or elsewhere?

Remember, if the negligent or reckless actions of another resulted in a car accident that left you with serious personal injuries, you can seek both justice and peace of mind about the future.

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