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What Are the Rights of Victims of Bus Accidents?

A motor vehicle accident of any kind can inflict serious injury and leave a victim with extensive physical and emotional trauma. Bus accidents are particularly dangerous as they involve a type of vehicle that can easily overturn, often with disastrous consequences. If you have been hurt because of the reckless or negligent actions of a Tennessee bus driver, you have rights.

Bus accidents can cause significant harm, even when the impact is at a low speed. The heavy weight of these types of vehicles makes them difficult to stop, and drivers must be trained to handle unexpected situations. At the same time, drivers of smaller vehicles must be vigilant and drive safely around buses.

There are many factors that can contribute to a bus accident. A fatigued or untrained driver, poor road conditions, reckless driving by another motorist or even a poorly maintained bus can cause or contribute to a crash. The bus company, the bus driver and even another driver could be liable for the consequences. If you suffered because of a bus accident, you have the right to seek legal help in order to determine what parties may be liable and how you can seek financial compensation.

One of the most practical ways to exercise your rights is to seek the opinion of a legal professional experienced in claims arising from handling Tennessee bus accidents. A lawyer can determine liability and take the appropriate steps to help you seek your rightful recovery. Discover your rights and learn about your options by reaching out to our team for a case evaluation.

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