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Tips for Motorists to Keep in Mind as We Start Another School Year

As we discussed in a previous post, school has been back in session here in Tennessee for a few weeks now. While this means many kids have yet to adjust to their new routine, it also means the same for many adults.

In fact, this doesn’t just include adults trying to find a good way to get their kids out the door by a certain time, but also those adults whose previously wide-open driving routes will now take them near school buses, and/or children walking or biking.

In recognition of this reality, today’s post will outline some basic driving tips compiled by AAA that motorists will need to keep in mind — and make part of their own routine — in the coming weeks in order to help ensure the safety of schoolchildren:

  • Watch your speed: Always mind the speed limit when traveling through residential neighborhoods and school zones. Indeed, the chances of a pedestrian being killed in an accident are nearly 66 percent greater if the motorist is traveling 35 miles-per-hour versus 25 miles-per-hour.
  • Obey stop signs: This means more than just the obvious of not running stop signs. Motorists need to resist the urge to perform rolling stops as children can — and do — appear from out of nowhere.
  • Eliminate distractions: From your smart phone to your cup of coffee, always keep your eyes on the road and pull over to complete any non-driving activities.
  • Drive safely around buses: It is against the law in Tennessee to pass a school bus that has stopped to load or unload kids, with violators facing a fine between $250-$1,000.
  • Be aware of bicycles: Always leave sufficient room if passing a child biking on the road, as they lack the skill, experience and predictability of adult riders.

Here’s hoping motorists take these tips to heart and that we see a safe school year for Tennessee’s kids.

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