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The Safest Cars of 2016

There so many factors that go into the purchase of a new car that the decision on which model to purchase can seem overwhelming. However, one of the most important features regardless of anything else should be the car’s ability to protect its driver in the event of a crash.

Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rigorously tests every car released for its ability to protect its occupants in the event of a crash, and awards its “Top Safety Pick+” honors on those that fit a strict set of criteria. This designation tells consumers that a particular model of car is a top performer and will perform the best in the event of a collision. The full list of these top safety picks can be found here.

Here are some top performing models to consider when you’re looking to purchase a new car. It is worth noting, however, that in order to receive “Top Safety Pick+” honors, the vehicle must also be equipped with front-crash prevention technology, which is still optional on most vehicles.

Japanese and Korean Makers

By far the best performing automakers were those in Japan and Korea. The big winner was Toyota, who had 12 different models earn TSP+ honors between its Toyota, Lexus and Scion brands, including the wildly-popular Prius hybrid. Honda/Acura and Subaru each did very well for themselves, with nine and six models, respectively, earning top marks. Kia Motors, who makes both the Kia and Hyundai brands, had eight vehicles earn top marks.

American Automakers

American automakers did not fare well in the IIHS tests. They failed to appear in several classes, and the ones they did earn honors in, they managed at the most three models (the midsize cars class). No brand had more than one model any given class, with the exception of Ford who did it twice for pickup trucks (the crew and extended cab F-150s), but even then neither of those models earned the top TSP+ honors.

Swedish Automakers

Sweden has a very small auto manufacturing landscape, but for years their safety ratings have been superb. This year was no different as Volvo appeared in every class they build. You will pay a premium for these cars, but Volvo’s dedication to safety is certainly admirable.

German Automakers

German engineering has long been advertised as a hallmark by their brands, however their safety features do not always live up to the billing. Audi was the most-awarded brand with five models earning top marks and their parent brand Volkswagen earning four, but Mercedes-Benz and BMW both had just two models make the list.

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