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The Distracted Driving Problem Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

A month ago, we wrote a post about social media and driving. In that post, we talked about a feature on the Snapchat app that could actually make it more likely that social media users would be involved in motor vehicle accidents if they are behind the wheel. But in a broader sense, that blog post was about the terrible threats posed to people out on the road by distracted driving and, more specifically, cellphone use while driving.

Pandora’s box is already open on this issue. We’re never going back to a time where we don’t use cellphones. They are important devices that we need to use — but when we’re behind the wheel, cellphones have no place.

The state of Tennessee has numerous laws in effect to curb cellphone use while driving, but that doesn’t mean they prevent the reckless act. There is a “no texting” ban in place for all drivers, and cellphone use is banned for novice drivers and bus drivers. Still, it isn’t that rare to see people waiting at a green light because they looked down at their cellphone while the light was red. Or, worse still, a driver is swerving all over the place because they are distracted by their cellphone.

These drivers cause many accidents every year, and when they do, there are many possible injuries that a victim may suffer. The costs associated with these injuries — financial, emotional, physical — are tremendous, so you may want to consult with an experienced attorney, like the ones at The Terry Law Firm, to help with your case.

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