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Students on Tennessee Bus Injured as Other Driver Fled the Scene

Police in Clinton, Tennessee are looking for a driver that presumably ran a school bus off of the road resulting in three students being sent to the hospital. The bus accident apparently came when a car crossed the center lane and the bus was then forced to drive off of the shoulder of the road.

The bus reportedly came to a rest on its side. The driver of the car that was believed to be at fault for the crash never stopped and afterward appeared to have fled the scene of the crash. Students on board were thrown around the bus and sometimes landed on top of each other.

There is often more than one cause to injuries that result in motor vehicle crashes – especially ones involving large vehicles such as buses. Regardless of how the accident was described in the papers, it still will require investigation by authorities. Though a driver did seem to have crossed the yellow line of the road, bus accidents are often quite serious in that individuals do tend to be prone to being tossed around and jostled in crashes.

Personal injury attorneys with experience trying motor vehicle accident type cases can often perform their own independent investigation as to what occurred. They can speak to witnesses, retain experts, and make certain that injured victims are adequately compensated for what occurred.

There is often more than one defendant that will be brought into personal injury type cases. Especially in hit-and-run type accidents, the driver that fled the scene can never be found. Also, accidents are often more complicated than one car crashing into another.

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