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Stay Away from Truck "No-Zones"

Commercial trucks are everywhere, particularly on major highways and roads throughout the state. While this industry has grown considerably, the increased number of vehicles these companies have put on the roads also have increased the risk of a serious trucking accident. The best way to avoid one of these serious accidents is to take precautions and avoid placing yourself in a potentially dangerous spot in regards to the truck.

Stay Away from “No-Zones” on the Road

Think about the weakness or gaps in vision you have while on the road in your daily driver car. Those same weaknesses also exist for truck drivers, just on an extremely magnified scale. Likewise, commercial trucks do not have the same maneuverability of a small car, so you want to ensure you give them the room they need to successfully navigate the roads and avoid an accident.

Avoid getting in one of these no-zones for a commercial truck:

  • Directly in front: Commercial trucks sit higher than even the biggest SUV on the market today. While this does give them a good look at the road, they cannot always see directly in front of them. Additionally, a loaded commercial truck can sometimes weigh around 40 tons, meaning it’s difficult for them to stop quickly. Always be sure to give them plenty of stopping room before getting in front of them, and definitely don’t cut them off.
  • The right side: This is arguably the most dangerous spot on a semi-truck. Despite the large sideview mirrors, truck drivers have the least vision down the right side of their vehicles. Also, trucks take wide right turns that could squeeze a car on their inside into a wall or curb. Try to avoid this side of a truck as much as possible.
  • The left side: While a driver’s vision is better on the left than the right, a lot of the same problems still exist. Vision is still limited, particularly towards the middle or rear of the trailer. Avoid cruising along the left side of a truck, and try to stay at least two lanes away.
  • The rear: Commercial trucks have no rearview mirror, so they have zero vision of what is directly behind them. Likewise, you may find that your own vision is limited while traveling directly behind one of these large vehicles. Giving a truck plenty of following distance can help you avoid a rear-end collision.

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