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Social Media App May Increase Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents

As Tennessee readers already know, smart phones and developing technology are some of the leading causes of distractions for drivers. However, recent accidents have led some people to make the connection between the social media app Snapchat and dangerous driving. There is a growing concern that this app causes an increased risk for a motor vehicle accident, particularly among young drivers.

Snapchat has a certain filter that will indicate how fast a person is driving when they take a selfie. Due to the nature of how Snapchat works, there are people who believe that it is particularly distracting. When a message is received, it disappears after it is read. Drivers may be tempted to read messages immediately, and when they do, all of their attention is taken from the task at hand.

Recently, a driver was injured in an accident allegedly caused by a distracted driver. The injured victim has filed a legal claim against the driver and Snapchat because the driver was using the application at the time of the collision. According to the lawsuit, the driver was speeding at 100 miles per hour according to the app’s speed filter. The plaintiff states that he suffered serious brain injuries in the crash and is seeking damages.

Distracted driving continues to increase the chance that a Tennessee driver will be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Snapchat may increase the risk of distraction, particularly due to the filter that encourages dangerous driving at high speeds. In an accident involving distracted driving, a lawyer can evaluate the case and determine what parties may be liable for the pain and suffering of a victim and family.

Source: wqad.com, “Some lawyers say social media adds to risk for distracted driving crashes“, Shellie Nelson, May 1, 2016

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