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Seeking Justice on Behalf of Bus Accident Victims and Their Families

It’s no secret that the average school bus hasn’t undergone much in the way of significant design changes over the last 30 years.

Indeed, federal officials have long maintained that the design of the average school bus is such that it will not only help prevent serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths in the event of a bus accident, but also keep passengers safe as they both board and exit the bus.

However, in light of the tragic bus crash in East Knoxville that took the lives of two children and a teacher’s aide last December, several lawmakers here in Tennessee are now setting their sights on what many have labeled the one glaring design oversight of modern era school buses: the lack of seat belts.

Rep. Joe Armstrong (R-Knoxville) is currently working on a bill that will more than likely call for all new school buses in the state to be equipped with lap belts, a simple step that he believes could help prevent future tragedies.

While the exact details of his legislation have yet to be released, it goes without saying that its passage is far from guaranteed. Indeed, a similar measure introduced by Beth Harwell (R-Nashville), current Speaker of the House, failed to pass back in 2007.

The reality is that the debate over the necessity of seat belts in school buses is likely not going to be resolved anytime soon. In the meantime, however, it’s important for parents for whom the unimaginable sudden becomes a reality to understand that they do have options if their child suffers severe bodily harm or loses their life in a bus accident.

An experienced personal injury attorney can launch a complete investigation, uncovering whose negligence behind the wheel was responsible for the crash and holding the proper parties accountable, including motorists, the bus company or the school district.

Here, the legal action is about ensuring that the medical expenses and other losses endured by your child are fully covered, or ensuring that justice is served in the event of their tragic passing.

If you would like to learn more about your rights and options in the aftermath of a school bus accident, contact The Terry Law Firm.

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