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Dog Bites | Morristown Injury Attorney

Amazon, Ebay, and many other online retailers have grown exponentially over the last few years, and as a result have provided a much needed boost in business for the once-struggling transport and delivery industry. However, this extra work has not come without consequences. Delivery workers for the US Postal Service are being bitten by dogs more frequently.

The USPS has released that bite reports increased 14% in just the year 2015. Couple this with the fact that the average dog bite claim rose by 16% in 2015 as well, and you have a recipe for a potentially serious financial problem for these businesses.

Why do Dogs Attack?

Dogs are frequently referred to as “man’s best friend,” but there are times where this relationship turns sour. In many cases, these attacks occur because someone the dog views as a “trespasser” comes onto their territory and is seen as a threat. This causes the dog to become defensive and attempt to defend themselves and their family by attacking the visitor.

Dogs are not the only threat to delivery workers either; cats, goats, geese, and even turkeys have all reportedly attacked postal workers.

To combat this, the USPS has released a new app for all delivery handhelds called “TripHazard.” The software enables delivery workers to log any potential hazards along their delivery route, including potentially dangerous dogs. To date, workers have logged over 160,000 entries.

Dog Bites & Premises Liability

According to Tennessee law, property owners are required to grant a certain level of care and guaranteed safety to those who are invited onto their property, whether by explicit invitation or by assumed presence. Delivery workers and mail carriers are considered the latter, known as “licensees.” If they are hurt while on your property due to something out of their control, such as a dog bite or other animal attack and the animal is your responsibility, you could be held liable for their injuries.

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