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How to Maximize Value After a Car Accident in Tennessee

The attorneys of The Terry Law Firm understand the importance of securing compensation for our clients after a devastating car accident. While winning your case matters, getting full and fair compensation is equally important.

Our clients’ future and their family’s security are often on the line. Maximizing their case’s value is critical, and we do everything in our power to make sure that they get every penny they are owed.

What Affects Car Accident Settlement Amounts?

The steps that you take in the immediate aftermath of a crash could later impact the amount of money you can recover for your claim. Be sure to consider your actions and do everything that you can to preserve your right to compensation.

To protect your health and your case, make sure to seek immediate medical treatment and have an official medical record created.

Another important factor in these types of cases can be the evidence that victims can preserve. Take pictures, get the contact info for eyewitnesses, and obtain a copy of the police report as soon as you can. This evidence could go a long way in proving the other party’s negligence.

Be sure to keep copies of all of your medical bills, travel expenses for treatment, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses that you incur. If you are forced to miss time from work, keep track of this and any other economic losses you suffer due to your injuries. Keep a journal of how the accident has affected you emotionally and if it has caused anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or any other issues.

All of these could factor into your eventual settlement amount, so be sure to keep meticulous records and give them to your attorney to help build your case.

Dos and Don’ts to Increase Car Accident Value

Do not say anything at the scene that could be interpreted as an admission of fault. Though your initial impulse may be to say “I’m sorry,” it is best to say as little as possible.

Do get medical attention as you need it, insurance companies often use a delay in medical treatment as an argument to defend your claim.

Do report your car accident to your own insurance company, but don’t say anything about how the crash happened to insurance company representatives without hiring a lawyer first.

Don’t accept a lowball initial settlement offer, even if you really need the money right away. The first offer that the insurance company puts on the table is usually designed to get you to accept and go away on the cheap. This is often not enough to cover the actual costs that you will incur due to your injuries.

Do keep a journal or diary in which you write about everything to do with your accident. Write about the struggles you are facing and the different challenges created by your injuries. Writing these things down with specific dates can be very useful later on when the information might be more difficult to recall.

Don’t post about your accident on social media. Insurance companies will go right to your profiles specifically to look for comments you have made about your accident and seek out posts that could be misinterpreted to show you weren’t hurt as badly as you say. What you say on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other platforms could be used against you and could harm your case.

How Can Terry Law Firm Help Me?

The Terry Law Firm will work hard to help you maximize your case’s value after an accident. We know that results matter, and we will fight to pursue the money that you and your family need to put this devastating event behind you.

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