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It Is Deer Season on Tennessee Highways

We tend to think about Thanksgiving turkey this time of year. But Tennessee motorists must have another animal in mind when driving in late fall: deer.

Deer are prominent on highways during November and December, which can create havoc for motorists. Deer tend to move often during these months because it is mating and hunting season.

According to recent Tennessee state reports, the number of accidents involving deer have increased over 10 percent since 2010. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, motorists report over 6,500 crashes due to deer in 2014 alone.

Deer, which are most active at dusk and dawn, are particularly dangerous because they are swift, often difficult to see in the fading light, and have a tendency to freeze in front of oncoming cars.

It is not just motorists who strike deer who are in danger, of course. Distracted drivers have an increased tendency to cause accidents when confronted with unexpected obstacles in the road, including deer, which can lead to rear-end collisions, sideswipes, and other types of accidents.

Safe driving habits can go a long way toward avoiding accidents. Drivers who do not speed excessively, drive a safe distance behind other vehicles and pay attention to the road are less likely to be in an accident when a deer unexpectedly crosses a highway. Unfortunately, many drivers are not cautious.

In some cases, there is no one at fault when a wild animal crosses a busy highway. But drivers who are already violating traffic laws, on their phones, or otherwise driving negligently may cause an avoidable accident.

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