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How to Avoid a Slip & Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident is a serious issue for everyone involved. On one hand, the victim of the accident can suffer potentially serious injuries that can have long-term or even permanent consequences from their injuries. On the other hand, the victim could potentially hold the owner of the property where the injury occurred responsible under Tennessee’s premises liability doctrine. This means both parties have a vested interest in avoiding these accidents at all costs. On this blog, we’ll take a look at some ways in which both parties can avoid a slip and fall incident.

Property Visitors

Property visitors should always make sure they pay attention to their surroundings at all times, even if they have been to a particular location many times before and are highly familiar with it. You never know when something may have changed, such as the location of a piece of furniture, or perhaps something has spilled, creating a slippery surface.

Likewise, those visiting a property should always use common sense, particularly around property features they may not be familiar with. A swimming pool may not have a sign present that warns patrons not to run around the outside, but common sense dictates that this is something you shouldn’t do regardless, as the deck around a swimming pool is slippery, especially when wet.

Property Owners

If you own property and have invited guests to it, either expressly or by implication, then you are required by law to afford them a certain degree of safety. If you fail to do so and one of your guests is injured, you may be responsible for their injuries. Here are a few tips for reducing the chances of someone being injured on your property:

  • Replace burnt-out or dimmed lightbulbs promptly. A dim walkway can hide trip or slip hazards, preventing people from seeing them, even if they are otherwise indicated.
  • Clean up all spills or leaks immediately. If you cannot clean up a spill or any standing liquid, make sure anyone who may be walking near it notices and is aware of the hazard and can avoid it. This can be done by placing a wet floor sign or roping off the particular area.
  • Remove or minimize all trip hazards. Have any cords running along the floor? Tape them down and make sure they are properly indicated in a clearly visible fashion. A loose cord is much easier to trip over than one that has been properly adhered to the floor.
  • Secure any unrepaired and dangerous property features. For example, if you are doing yard work and have an open trench while guests are present, you may wish to cover the trench with plywood to prevent any inattentive guests from falling into it and becoming injured.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, you could be eligible to obtain compensation for your injuries. At The Terry Law Firm, our team of highly trained and experienced Morristown personal injury lawyers place your well-being and the best possible outcome to your case at the forefront of all our legal decisions, and we customize our approach to your case to maximize your chances at a successful resolution. We understand that while everyone deserves justice, sometimes it must be fought for, and we strive to obtain this fair compensation while our clients concentrate on recovering from their accident.

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