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How Safe Are U.s. Charter Bus Passengers?

Charter bus or motorcoach tours provide an excellent way to travel and see the country without having to worry about driving. For individuals who plan to book a bus trip, the focus is primarily on the location, timeframe and amenities associated with a trip. Few people ever think about safety with regard to who is driving and maintaining a charter bus.

A motor vehicle accident involving a motorcoach can result in multiple injuries and deaths. In response to growing concern over the safety of charter buses and bus drivers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has increased scrutiny and oversight of U.S. motorcoach companies.

Today, much like truck drivers and the trucking industry, bus drivers and motorcoach companies must comply with strict safety regulations related to bus maintenance and repair, insurance requirements, bus safety features and driver safety. Today, individuals who are planning to ride on a motorcoach for a special event or vacation can also access a company’s safety ratings and performance history.

Dangerous driving behaviors related to speeding, distracted driving and fatigued driving pose a threat to passengers of motorcoaches and drivers and passengers of other motor vehicles. Likewise, companies that fail to routinely inspect and maintain buses, outfit buses with proper tires and that hire part-time or inexperienced drivers put passengers and other drivers in danger.

Tennessee residents who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a charter bus may choose to seek legal advice. Whether a passenger on the bus or a driver or passenger in a car involved in a collision with a bus, a bus driver or company may be negligent in failing to abide by federal safety regulations.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “Safety,” 2014

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