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How Close Is Too Close? Tennessee Legislature Amends Red Light Law

These are just a few decisions we face everyday when driving through intersections. In hopes of providing clarity, the Tennessee legislature recently amended T.C.A § 55-8-110, which is the statute in the Tennessee Code Annotated that deals directly with traffic control devices at intersections.


The legislature passed Public Chapter No. 989 and added subsection (e). The new portion of the statute took effect on July 1, 2014. Subsection (e) states as follows:

(e) It is not a violation of subdivision (a)(3), unless the front tires of a vehicle cross the stop line after the signal is red.

The subsection (a)(3) refers to each driver’s responsibility when approaching a red light. This provides more information as to what constitutes a violation. If the front tires of the vehicle in question have crossed the stop line after the signal turns red, it is no violation of the Tennessee traffic laws. On the other hand, if the front tires of the vehicle cross the stop line after the traffic light turns red, a violation will occur.

What This Means For You

The change in the law was one which was lobbied for by the automobile insurance companies. The concern for safe driving motorists is that someone in a rush can escape liability if they just cross the stop bar before the light turns red. This law is one the insurance industries will certainly try to exploit against safe drivers.

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