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Helping Those Whose Lives Are Forever Altered by Impaired Truckers

As you make your way to the homes of friends and family this holiday season, chances are good that you’ll plan your trip in such a way so as to avoid having to drive late in the evening.

While some of this may be attributed to the desire to avoid the danger posed by drowsy drivers, some of it may also be attributed to the desire to avoid the danger posed by impaired drivers. This makes sense when you consider that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has long warned people of the elevated risk of drunk driving over the holidays given that alcohol is a staple at so many gatherings.

As wise as it may be to confine your driving to daylight hours, it’s important to understand that people will still find a way to consume intoxicating substances and get behind the wheel while the sun is still shining.

It’s also important to understand that it’s not just the drivers of passenger vehicles who will potentially be driving under the influence over the holidays, but also those who hold commercial driver’s licenses, meaning truck drivers.

Indeed, it’s not unimaginable for a truck driver to have just one drink too many while out with friends prior to the start of a shift, taking prescription medication that expressly warns against driving or downing amphetamines to stay alert while in the middle of a lengthy pre-Christmas shift.

While the notion of a motorist driving a car, truck or SUV while under the influence is a terrifying enough, consider a trucker barreling down the highway pulling an 80,000-plus pound tractor trailer.

As you would imagine, the chances of anyone walking away from such a truck wreck are incredibly slim.

At The Terry Law Firm, our attorneys have considerable experience handling complex truck accident cases, including those involving truckers driving under the influence. As a result, they know how to determine what happened, how to preserve evidence, and how to hold both the impaired trucker and the trucking company liable for the destruction they’ve caused.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident that you suspect was caused by impaired driving, please visit our website as soon as possible.

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