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Electronic Onboard Recorders in Truck Accident Cases

Due to the number of truck accidents which occur on roads in Tennessee and throughout the country, it is critical for investigators and attorneys alike to be able to see how many hours a truck driver has accumulated in transit and whether those hours of service violate federal or state regulations. One way truckers are being monitored on the road recently is through the use of electron onboard recorders (EBORs) in commercial semi-trucks and tractor-trailers.

Installed in the cab of a truck, an EOBR keeps track of the miles a vehicle has driven and the exact running time. When an accident does happen, the EOBR can be integral in learning exactly the cause of it. If the truck driver did not have adequate rest or had committed some other violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, then the information stored in the EOBR becomes evidence in any legal action.

Since digitally recorded data cannot be easily forged, it is typically considered an accurate account of a trucker’s day-to-day activities. While drivers may also be required to keep log books recording their driving and rest times each day, these can be easily forged.

Since trucking violations happen each and every day in the United States, these EOBRs help keep trucking companies and their drivers in check.

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