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Distracted Driving Common Factor in Teens' Car Accidents

Teens face many hazards behind the wheel. Many factors contribute to the high car accident rate among teenagers. However, a new study found that distracted driving plays a big role in car accidents involving teen drivers.

The study by the AAA found that distracted driving causes more car accidents involving teens that previous studies have found. What types of distractions contribute to these accidents? The researchers reported that cellphone use, music and passengers are all distracting behaviors that affect teen drivers.

Distractions contributed to 58 percent of accidents involving teens analyzed in the study by the AAA. Previously, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had reported that only 14 percent of accidents were caused by distracted driving. This is a significant increase and highlights the serious hazards teen drivers face.

Cellphone use is a main cause of distracted driving, even though it is illegal for teens to use cellphones while driving in Tennessee. All drivers need to be aware of the dangers of using electronic devices and other types of behaviors that can be distracting.

Distractions can play a serious role in car accidents. Teen drivers, and all drivers for that matter, need to take steps to prevent distractions behind the wheel. This can include turning your cellphone off or keeping it out of reach along with not playing loud music or setting the radio before you drive.

Taking preventative actions before you start to drive can keep everyone safe on the road and prevent accidents. Drivers need to be aware of the risks and make an effort to reduce distractions because a text message or singing loudly is not worth someone’s life.

Source: WATE 6, “AAA study: distracted driving to blame for over half of teen accidents; Knoxville driving academy offers advice,” Laura Halm, March 25, 2015

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