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COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Safety Precautions and Accommodations

In light of the recent concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19 ), we at The Terry Law Firm would like to assure everyone that we are taking precautions to minimize your health risk when you visit our offices in Morristown or Greeneville.

All offices are on strict orders to use hand sanitizer(or wash their hands with Soap and water) when entering and leaving the building. All surfaces are being disinfected at the beginning of each workday and at least twice during the day. Kitchens, bathrooms and common areas are being sprayed with Lysol and wiped down with Clorox wipes with special attention to items frequently touched by everyone. The Terry Law Firm has implemented reasonable social distancing within the office, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Terry Law Firm is able to accommodate video conferencing for any client who has a smart phone. If clients(or prospective clients) would prefer not to come to the office we are able to quickly and easily set up a video conference right to the client’s(or prospective client’s) smartphone.

The Terry Law Firm is also able to accommodate electronic signatures for most documents. This allows clients to sign documents from their computer or smartphone without having to come to the office.

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