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Common Types of Car Accidents

There are many different types of car accidents, each unique in the types of damage it can cause. Each car accident type also has different injuries that commonly occur as a result. If you have recently been in a car accident, odds are it was one of these types.

Head-on Collision

These are the most dangerous auto accidents of them all, frequently resulting in serious injuries or even tragic fatalities. Head-on collisions are when the front end of one vehicle strikes the front end of another while traveling opposite directions.

Rear-end Collision

A rear-end collision is when the front end of one vehicle strikes the rear-end of another. These frequently occur as a result of the striking driver not paying attention or the car being struck braking suddenly. These are not as fatal as head-on collisions, but cause a lot of serious injuries, including neck injuries.

Side-Impact Collision

There are two types of side-impact collisions: “T-bone accidents” and “side-swipe collisions.” T-bone accidents are extremely dangerous, involving the front of one car striking the side of another. The car that is struck usually suffers serious injuries and fatalities because the side of the car usually has the least impact protection. Side-swipe collisions are when the sides of two cars collide. These don’t usually result in much more than property damage, but can be serious if one or both vehicles loses control because of the collision.

Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is when a car rolls over off of its wheels either onto its side or roof. This is probably the least common of the accidents on this list, but also carries a high chance for injury, specifically head and neck injuries. These accidents happen more commonly in vehicles with a higher center of gravity, such as a large truck or an SUV.

Solo Accident

A solo accident is exactly what it sounds like: an accident in which a single car is involved. These are usually minor and result in no injuries, such as someone backing into a pole, but bad road conditions, poor weather, lack of visibility, and more have been known to cause cars to lose control, resulting in major injuries from an accident.

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