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Chances are very good that in a matter of days, you will be loading up the car and heading out for a much-needed vacation over the long July Fourth holiday weekend.

While you likely already know that you’ll need to drive defensively — always being on the lookout for speeding drivers, distracted drivers, impaired drivers and just plain reckless drivers — there is another very real danger of which you should be aware that may not necessarily be on your radar.

The danger in question comes from road and highway defects, which can suddenly transform an otherwise unassuming stretch of blacktop into an exceedingly dangerous corridor for even the most diligent motorists.

By way of illustration, consider the following:

  • A stretch of busy interstate that has been allowed to deteriorate to a considerable degree, forming a massive pothole that a motorist has no chance of avoiding without veering into another lane of traffic. Here, a motorcyclist, through no fault of his own, sees the pothole at the last minute, and its sheer size and depth throws him from his bike.
  • A stretch of rural highway outfitted with a rather sharp turn lacking the necessary signage informing motorists of the impending need to slow down. Here, a motorist is driving late at night and is unable to make out the sharp turn ahead until it’s too late, causing her to slam on the brakes and skid off the road and into a tree.
  • A busy city street that is prone to developing pools of standing water after a heavy rainfall due to an improper drainage system. Here, a motorist inadvertently drives into the pooled water and is stuck, triggering a chain-reaction rear-end crash.

At the Terry Law Firm, we have nearly 50 years of experience handling these types of accident cases here in Tennessee. We know how to determine what went wrong, who’s to blame for the hazardous road condition, and how to prepare the strongest possible case designed to secure the justice you need and deserve.

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