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City Calls on TDOT to Help Address Dangerous Stretch of I-40

At this time of the year, most of us have our guard down when it comes to weather-related defensive driving. That’s because the threat of fog or even potentially icy roads is still far off and the primary threat of heavy rain seems largely manageable.

It’s important to remember, however, that even those who think they’ve somehow mastered the art of driving in the rain are still at the mercy of road design, meaning even the best drivers can still find themselves involved in a serious car accident if the stretch of road on which they are traveling is prone to water pooling.

By way of illustration, consider the scenario playing out on a stretch of Interstate 40 East close to mile marker 226 outside of Mt. Juliet.

According to reports, this stretch of road has seen nearly 30 car accidents since June, eight involving serious personal injuries, and that the majority of these crashes all took place during driving rains.

Specifically, city officials and local first responders claim that the section of I-40 has a tendency to flood, causing the drivers of vehicles traveling at an otherwise high rate of speed to hydroplane and lose control.

By way of illustration, consider the recent collision involving a passenger sedan and truck, in which the driver of the sedan lost control during heavy rains and actually managed to slide underneath the tanker. Miraculously, the driver and his two passengers survived the horrific wreck.

The good news is that the Tennessee Department of Transportation has responded to Mt. Juliet’s requests for assistance, and is now in the process of studying the roadway and its surrounding area.

Stories like these should serve as a reminder that those who are injured or lose a loved one in an accident caused by highway defects may be able to hold both municipal and private parties tasked with the design and/or maintenance of the road in question liable.

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