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Are you aware it's Brain Injury Awareness Month?

Right now, many people are busy analyzing their NCAA tournament brackets, eager to grab a sizeable jackpot among friends, or bragging rights at work. While it’s true that March Madness is one of the more exciting times of the month, it’s important not to overlook other important events taking place.

For instance, many people might not be aware that March is actually Brain Injury Awareness Month, an annual campaign put on by the Brain Injury Association of America to help raise awareness about this devastating condition. The theme of the BIAA’s campaign this year is “Not Alone.”

As always, the purpose is to destigmatize, empower and provide valuable information to victims of traumatic brain injuries and their loved ones.

In keeping with this theme, today’s post, the first in a series, will provide some basic background information on brain injuries.

What exactly is a brain injury?

A brain injury occurs when the neurons (i.e., nerve cells) and/or nerve tracts of the brain are adversely affected, making it difficult or impossible to transmit vital messages.

As you can imagine, this can have a profound impact on not just actions and movement, but also thought processes and emotions. Indeed, this is often true whether the brain injury is temporary or permanent, or mild or major.

How common are TBIs?

The BIAA estimates that as many as 2.5 million people suffer TBIs each year.

How do people suffer TBIs?

While there are many causes of TBIs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified falls (40.5 percent) as the primary culprit followed by other/unknown causes (19 percent), events in which a person is struck or thrown against (15.5 percent), motor vehicle accidents (14.3 percent) and assaults (10.7 percent).

We’ll continue to explore this topic throughout March.

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI because of the reckless actions of another, please consider speaking with an experienced legal professional dedicated to pursing justice for all that you’ve endured.

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