Pedestrian accidents in the Volunteer State

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise in Tennessee and across the United States.

In Tennessee and across the country, the number of people choosing to walk for exercise and as a means of transportation is on the rise.

According to a recent study – conducted by Smart Growth America – called Dangerous by Design, 60 percent of Americans walk as a form of exercise. In addition, 6 percent more adults reported that they walked as a method of transportation in 2010 than in 2005.

As more people are walking on and around our roadways, motor vehicle drivers must be alert when driving near pedestrians. Unfortunately, motorists do not always take the necessary precautions, leading to serious pedestrian accidents in Tennessee.

According to Dangerous by Design 2014, almost 800 pedestrians were killed in Tennessee from 2003 to 2012.

Pedestrian fatalities a serious concern across the US

Across the country, the number of people killed in pedestrian accidents has risen in recent years. In 2010, 4,280 pedestrians died in collisions with motor vehicles in the United States – by 2012, that figure had jumped to 4,743.

On average, pedestrian deaths account for around 12 percent of all traffic fatalities in the country each year. Pedestrian accidents also result in many people suffering serious injuries each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in auto accidents in 2010.

While motorists are responsible for driving safely and avoiding pedestrians when they are in or crossing the street, those on foot can also take steps to protect themselves.

For instance, pedestrians should always take care to cross in a marked crosswalk, whenever one is available. In addition, pedestrians should use sidewalks when present, as well. Of course, there are times when sidewalks are not available. In such situations, those on foot should always walk toward oncoming traffic.

Greater precautions should be taken when pedestrians are traveling at night. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that pedestrians carry a flashlight when it is dark outside. It is also wise to wear clothes with reflective panels, which will help drivers see pedestrians traveling on the side of the road.

Motor vehicle drivers who cause pedestrian accidents must be held accountable for the serious injuries often suffered by the individuals on foot. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident in Tennessee, take the time to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. A legal professional will review your case and work to obtain the compensation to which you may be entitled.